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Throughout our 40 year history, Robinson has transformed the way business owners understand and interact with their production, commercial and operational facilities. Since its inception Robinson has been creating the right solution one customer at a time. The entrepreneurial spirit of our Founder and Chairman, Bernie Robinson, coupled with his commitment to his customers has been the driving force behind our company's growth and success.

Robinson Innovations focuses on solutions that support production processes - solving production and process issues faced by our customers in a way that helps to drive their competitive advantage. We create sustainable solutions that improve and grow over time, because our commitment to our customers drives us to create customers for life. We drive for improvement with everything we do - for our customers and for our own team - and never lose sight of our goal of delivering for our customer.

Robinson Innovations has four cornerstones that define us and motivate us to our common purpose:
  • People: People and relationships drive our success. We have the expertise and experience to deliver, and more importantly, we are passionate about what we do, and we won't stop until we get it done. We keep our promises.
  • Innovation: New ideas pave the road to uncovering maximum value and continuous improvement. We encourage initiative, research, discourse, and best practice sharing amongst our team and with our customers. We are always looking for innovative ways to deliver a better solution for our customer.
  • Technology: Technology is a tool - not a strategy. We strive to create the right solution, using technology as a way to drive greater value for our customer. We ensure that our approach to integrating technology stays focused on business drivers like cost, quality and liability.
  • Solutions: We view all of our offerings - from products and technology, to services and expertise - as the tools necessary to fulfill the promise of the right solution for our customer.
At the core of every Robinson company this same commitment to our customers drives our business purpose, our customer relationships and our solutions. Learn more about our sister company, RobinsonSolutions by visiting them at
quote Innovation is about building the partnerships with our customers that allow new technology, new processes
and new ideas to create
new value.

Catherine Love, President
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